Tips to Play Roulette for Beginners

Tips to Play Roulette for Beginners

Playing roulette games is now standard these days as it is the most popular game worldwide. I would wonder if someone in this world does not know about roulette or has a slight idea of playing this game. It gained popularity in the seventeenth century and became more and more famous over the years. However, these games’ rules are so comfortable and straightforward, and you don’t need any strategy to play this game.
But some dummies might make mistakes while playing it. So, we are here for an online roulette guide, and this guide will work for both types of games, whether land-based or online casino sites. Beginners make common mistakes that will lessen their chances of a win.
Here, in this article, we will mention tips to play roulette for beginners when playing it for real money. Do you want to know about the rules of roulette and its tips? So, guys, we are here to help you understand how to create more chances of your win when you play roulette online and in land-based casinos.

Which Type of Wheel Should You Choose?

Firstly, you should know about the types of wheels. There are two types of wheel American and European. The American roulette wheel has a double zero green spot, and it increases the house edge to 5.26%, and it has 37 numbers on the wheel. Moreover, the European wheel has a single roulette wheel, and it increases your winning chances by having a house edge of 2.70%, and it has 36 numbers on the wheel. However, choosing the right wheel is necessary when you are playing on European sites like Eurogrand online casino. Some players always make this mistake and fail to choose the right wheel because they don’t know the wheel’s importance in fair play.

Roulette Chips and Tables

The role of tables and roulette chips is like the lifeline of the game. The tables are the place where you place your bet and get your wins. Dealer is the person who rotates the wheel and gives you the payout when your winning number is guessed. You have to take care of two things in this step: choosing or understanding the minimum and the roulette chips.

A Better Understanding of Minimum and Maximum

Every table in the casino or at online casino sites has its already determined minimum and maximums. If you are at a table whose minimum is not like your requirement, you should look for another table. For instance, if the dealer is not willing to give you the minimum that you want, it’s better to don’t go with that table. You could place two types of bets on the tables.

Outside Bets Inside Bets
It means that if you are placing a bet of 1 dollar, then the single bet is worth $1. If you are placing a 1 dollar inside bet, it means that the total of all the bets should be $1.

So, a better understanding of the minimum is necessary for playing a game for real money. You shouldn’t look for the minimum as most beginners do this, especially when playing online games.

Buy Roulette Chips

Roulette chips are of different colors and it is distributed to all the players on the table. The player could buy these chips by getting the token or with cash. These chips also help the dealer that by checking the color, he could easily decide who should be paid the win when the ball stops on someone’s number.

Roulette Wheel Rotation

After placing the bet, the dealer throws the ball on the numbers and rotates the wheel. When the wheel stops and after, sometimes the ball also stops on someone’s number. The number on which the ball stops is the winning number, and the player who owns this number will get the payout. Before rotating the wheel, you have to bet on the chips, and you can stack on someone’s chip too. Hence, you will never get afraid of placing your chips on someone’s chip if you are an experienced player.

Types of Bets

Placing the right bet is essential for the win, and you can choose two types of bets inside or outside. Inside bets consist of a single number, and the outside bets are placed on a group of numbers. However, there are fewer chances of a win in inside bets, but the payout is almost incredible that you can’t even imagine. There are many bets in online and mobile roulette games, and you can spend many hours playing with different bets without repeating twice.
Outside bets are placed on a group of numbers, and it has high chances of a win, but the payout is almost double your bet. For instance, if you are betting on $1, then after winning, you could get $2. So, choosing the right bet also includes roulette tips to win.

Rules of the Roulette Game

Here are the rules and main guides on how to play roulette for beginnersHow to Play Roulette for Beginners:

  • Firstly, the bets are placed on the devoted point of the table.
  • You could only place your bet before the dealer closes the betting session.
  • The dealer will pay the win and could only take the chips that you lost in the bet.
  • Lastly, you could not touch the border of the winning number.

But if you are playing online at any casino sites and paying real money, you should look for trustworthy sites with a government license. So, look for the trusted casino site for a real money game.


However, this ultimate guide includes online roulette tips and tricks for beginners who always commit mistakes while playing with experienced players. After reading this article, you will be able to play roulette online or in the casino. Knowing the rules will increase your win chances, and trusted casino sites will ensure you cash out whenever you want.